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Have you ever wondered why there is so much phobia in the EV battery market of using lithium-ion batteries?

Generally, a conventional Li-ion battery is prone to excessive heat. Overheating of the device or overcharging of batteries leads to more heat. This excess heat deteriorates the cells’ battery life, causing thermal runaway or catastrophic accidents in some cases.

Bacancy’s smart BMS is powered by the IONDASH, a BMS cloud analytics tool developed using real-time test results. The system can detect the battery performance and send notification messages to the user for further action.

In this blog, we will cover all the features and specific utility of IONDASH in monitoring the performance of battery management system in electric vehicles

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Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the core of attraction for battery monitoring and control. An IoT-based battery management system’s major functionalities include a remote data logging facility for monitoring critical battery activities.

As per the new market research published by Meticulous Research®, under the forecast period 2021-28, the electric vehicle battery market is valued at $175.11 billion with a CAGR of 26%.

With more & more EV battery adoption comes the need of adopting a sound battery management system ensuring that the lithium-ion battery is 100% safe, secured and reliable. In short, a smart battery management system in electric vehicles is the central commanding unit responsible for effective energy utilization.

Let us look at Bacancy’s smart battery management product range (16cell/22cell/High voltage) and features catering to the EV market requirement.

Bacancy’s smart Battery Management System in Electric Vehicles

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The voltage sensors of the BMS measure the lithium-ion battery’s voltage level. Simultaneously, the GSM/GPRS/Wifi enabled IONDASH middleware shields the vehicle’s location through the GPS function.

The voltage readings of the battery and vehicle location are conveyed to the BMS hardware for processing. As you can see in the figure, the processed data is transferred to the battery monitored interface on the IONDASH portal. Once the data is transferred successfully, this easy-to-use web portal interface will show the updated, relevant battery status data.

If the battery is at a low voltage level, the user is notified through the portal & on their configured mobile application. The online battery monitoring system can measure the battery’s SOC/SOH and maintain consistent communication with the BMS hardware to capture the necessary battery parameters.

The product range for Bacancy’s smart battery management system in electric vehicles includes 16 cell (16S-xxA) /22 cell (22S-xxA) & high voltage cell systems. In addition to the safety, battery protection, and longevity, here are the top benefits of using this smart battery management system.

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Benefits of India’s safest & smart BMS Hardware:

  • Compatible with Li-ion, Li-polymer, LiFePO4 battery packs.
  • Supports voltage upto 500V, 150 A of continuous current.
  • Powered with BLE, WiFi, Non-isolated CAN, GSM/GPRS & GPS interfaces for communication.
  • Maintains accuracy and precision enabling SOC algorithm & OCV compensation.
  • Secured IONDASH cloud analytics platform.
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Bacancy has introduced this cloud analytics tool which provides real-time visualization and monitoring capability of large-scale battery systems for the users and battery manufacturers. Bacancy’s Cloud platform- IONDASH Web Platform, provides a sophisticated web-based user interface for analyzing the battery pack and BMS hardware’s behavior.

Let’s discuss everything about the IONDASH – BMS software cloud analytics platform.

IONDASH: India's Most Advanced Cloud Battery Management System

The cloud battery management system combines IoT and cloud computing technology. With the advancement in the BMS software design for remote mirroring and notification systems, IoT is used to notify the manufacturer and users about the real-time battery pack status.

IONDASH is an IoT based battery management system using which the battery can be inspected and monitored. The presence of an in-built fuse circuit protection protects the battery pack against any unwanted voltage and current spikes.

Users on a web browser can easily access IONDASH. This cloud IoT platform promotes opportunities to enhance the effectiveness and utility of the battery management system in electric vehicles.

Let’s quickly take a look at the key features of the IONDASH platform.

User Interface (UI)

The interactive user interface effectively monitors multiple battery management devices. The image below shows the main page looks for the web user interface. The login page is created to secure data handling, authorization, and encryption. An IONDASH user can key in through the user ID and password.

iondash login

The user is directed to the main page after successfully logging in. The home page summarizes all the connected devices in real-time.

With this interactive UI platform,

  • Users can see how many devices are added and configured
  • Tracking the state of devices (Charging, Discharging, and Idle) becomes easy
  • The device displays Alert notifications and Fault diagnosis
  • Location tracking is simple for all the devices connected to the Home page.

Device list users can view parameters like
1. Number of cells
2. Cell type
3. Connection type
4. Battery state
5. Cell internal resistance status

Iondash Desktop version

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Device Dashboard

Device Dashboard

Once the device(s) is added by the owner/admin, they can monitor and manage multiple battery management system in electric vehicles simultaneously.

IONDASH is designed to aid the user/admin by monitoring battery pack performance on/off charging so that an alert notification can be sent to the user.

The user is redirected to the device dashboard page to overview the connected (active/inactive) device list by clicking on the device list.

Real-time Parameters

Real-time Parameters

Through remote mirroring, real-time parameters are captured and displayed with updated dates and times. The image below shows you all the crucial parameters such as pack volt (V), drawn current (A), SOC, SOH, cell temperature, and the number of cells. etc.

Trace Record

Trace Record

The exact device location can be tracked using the GPS navigation on IONDASH. To trace the record for your BMS location, enter the start, end – date, and time.

History Record

History Record

Maintaining your BMS device history record is simple. With Bacancy’s IONDASH cloud platform, you can view all the parametrical changes for each device. Using the device history feature on the dashboard, you can record all your BMS hardware devices in one place.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Remote data logging helps the user/admin log the activity for multiple devices simultaneously. To see the detailed activity status for all the connected BMS devices, enter the start and end date to view the details. Click on the filter to see the list of all the devices. You can export the list for a detailed view.

Wrap Up

I hope you would have explored all the basic features of the IONDASH cloud platform exclusively offered with Bacancy’s smart battery management system.

The IoT-based battery management system in electric vehicles is designed to protect the battery pack through remote monitoring of the BMS hardware. BMS hardware and software are responsible for developing this most reliable and secured battery performance system. IONDASH cloud analytics tool is capable of displaying relevant data such as location, battery pack condition, and temperature during charging/discharging via internet. Powered with the GPS system, the cloud-enabled IoT based battery management system detects the accurate geo-coordinates and displays them on the IONDASH web portal.

Bacancy’s extended venture Bacancy Systems is a leading product engineering and embedded company. With cutting-edge innovative solutions for the e-mobility sector, Bacancy systems is making a significant impact in the EV ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best practice is to look for the battery management system with sufficient cell taps for each cell in series. Let’s say you have a battery pack containing 50 cells with 25 cells in series, 2 in parallel. Then you will require a BMS having atleast 25 cells.

Bacancy’s smart battery system is the most advanced cloud battery management system in electric vehicles. A smart battery management system has a combination of robust hardware and cloud communication through a compatible web portal. It allows operating systems to conduct performance management operations via IONDASH based on providing real-time battery pack status by determining accurate temperatures during charging to prevent thermal runaway.

While selecting the right battery management system for lithium ion batteries, it is important to take multiple factors into account such as voltage, current and topology of the battery pack.

The answer is yes. In a battery pack, if a cell exceeds the start balancing voltage, the battery management system will enable the algorithm for cell balancing. Based on the lowest cell voltage, it will place a load on all the other cells more than the maximum voltage difference above the lowest cell.

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