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About Bacancy System:

Delivering Exceptional Product Engineering Services

Bacancy Systems is a renowned provider of comprehensive embedded system services, catering to a wide spectrum of needs ranging from basic bare metal solutions to complex distributed systems. Our commitment to fostering groundbreaking advancements is realized through our advanced, tailor-made design and development solutions, along with top-notch offerings such as Assemblies, Validation, Certification, and Manufacturing services.

As a prominent Product Engineering and manufacturing company, we collaborate with clients worldwide across diverse industrial domains. Our Agile methodology seamlessly delivers the complete lifecycle of embedded engineering services, ensuring optimal results at every stage.


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Core Values

“Customer satisfaction is our highest priority” This is the ultimate core purpose of each Bacancyer to put the customer first.

Innovative Models

Innovative Models

To serve humanity by building best-in-class products while ensuring career growth, wealth generation, long-term support & maintenance along with robust results.



To build world-class Healthcare and E-mobility solutions with innovative and cutting edge technology that benefits human-life.



We design and deliver a product or service specifically tailored to your customer's needs, such that you provide them with exceptional value and an enhanced brand experience.



We are Agile. Agile goes beyond being a mere principle or methodology; it is an essential aspect of embodying Agility, guided by principles, shaped by values, and expressed through diverse practices.

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

At the beating heart of our company, there's our remarkable Core team, a group of passionate individuals who bring the magic to life. Acting as a close-knit Scrum Team, they set their sights on quarterly goals, ensuring that our financial, administrative, and project management gears turn smoothly, allowing us to focus on what we do best - creating exceptional experiences for our customers.

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Why Choose Bacancy Systems?

We are strategically positioned to meet the ever-changing user demands by leveraging emerging technologies, ensuring exceptional experiences.

Bacancy Systems stands out as an ideal partner due to our extensive range of services and high-quality products. Firstly, we excel in providing comprehensive product engineering solutions. With expertise in Analog Design Services, FPGA Engineering, Wireless Design, Embedded Software Design, Hardware Engineering, Power Engineering, and IoT Hardware, we cover a broad spectrum of engineering needs. This diverse array of services ensures our clients find all the necessary expertise under one roof, streamlining the development process and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, we offer an impressive lineup of products. Our Battery Management System is designed to optimize battery performance, ensuring longevity and reliability. The Motor Controller enables precise control and efficient operation of motors, while the CCS2 Controller facilitates charging for electric vehicles. The DC Fast Charger empowers rapid charging capabilities, catering to the growing demand for fast and convenient charging. Additionally, our AC Charge Controller ensures efficient and reliable AC charging.

You will benefit from our end-to-end capabilities, streamlined processes, and a comprehensive portfolio of products and services by choosing us as a partner. Our expertise and high-quality offerings provide a reliable and efficient solution for various engineering and manufacturing needs.

Corporate House

Bacancy Production House

Welcome to our advanced 8000 sq ft production house. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, we specialize in delivering futuristic hardware solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities include assembly, operations, and QA testing, supported by our state-of-the-art SMT Line and programmable temperature/humidity testing chamber. With a team of skilled professionals, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and strive for excellence in every project. From complex circuit board assembly to robust quality control, we are fully equipped to meet diverse client needs.

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