According to the report from allied market research, in 2019, the EV charger market industry was evaluated at $3.8 billion, expected to reach $25.5 billion by 2027. EV chargers are used to charge electric vehicles under specific protocols to set up the communication between EVSE and the EV. The EV charge controller establishes this communication sequence ensuring maximum safe environments for the charging ecosystem.

Bacancy’s CCS2 controller is now charging compliant with the most frequently running electric vehicles in the Indian market. The EV charge controller for CCS type 2 charging known as CCS2CON can now be employed for charging NEXON, MG ZS, KONA, BYD & Mercedes-Benz S 450 4MATIC.
CCS2CON Charging Success

The testing processes were conducted in a phased manner with the simulator first and then with the vehicles one at a time. Initially, there were challenges subjective to different EVs; however, our team has successfully managed to through-put CCS2CON as the most viable solution for fast DC charging in the Indian Electric Vehicle market. A proto-charger was built using CCS2CON for full-fledged testing purposes.

Currently, the CCS2CON supports a 30KW charger rating and is compliant with ISO 15118 & DIN 70121. The simulator was tested under 10-12 charging cycles with sessions ranging from 1-2 minutes, making it robust with the most preferred Indian EVs for further iterations.

From the myriad of available options in the EVs, we decided to go with MG ZS EV first for testing our CCS2 controller. This EV, being DIN compliant, initially had some issues during the PLC communication but the team effectively resolved them with careful assessment and proper diagnostics.

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Post our first successful attempt; we decided to carry out the process with TATA NEXON. This EV, being ISO complaint, had timing issues in PLC in the beginning. It was a hard nut to crack, but once the team got through streamlining the communication sequence, it opened the gateways for the other EVs to pass through this proto-testing phase effectively.

The testing process for KONA, BYD & Mercedes-Benz S 450 4MATIC was executed seamlessly with the aid of the prior test results.

“Bacancy Systems solemnly focus on following the process of continuous improvement for the next-gen EV products to be the most reliable, safe, and robust solution in the dynamically evolving EV auto market.”
– Krunal Patel, CTO at Bacancy Systems

Final Words

The combined charging system is the most prominent solution for building the most reliable, secured fast DC charging stations. Bacancy’s extended venture Bacancy System is a leading embedded company renowned for its Product Engineering Services. Bacancy’s CCS2 controller (CCS2CON) is the most technically innovative solution for building fast DC charging, with a robust and lean model in adapting the rapidly transforming EV charging ecosystem.

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