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High voltage BMS
Motor Controller

Motor Controller

  • 48V / 60V /72V Voltage support
  • Ignition key input support
  • 1kW / 1.5kW / 3kW Variant
  • Have 500W (36V,12A) and 2.5KW (60V, 40A), Engineering samples coming soon
  • FOC and Sinusoidal algorithm support
  • Drive Mode selection input
  • Throttle input support
  • Forward / Reverse mode support
  • CAN FD
  • Protection on Various Condition

    • Under Voltage
    • Over Current
    • Over Temperature
    • IP65 Support
Motor Protection

Motor Protection

A mechanism to avoid internal faults and damage to the electrical motor is the Motor Protection. Bacancy’s EV Motor controller comes with safety features like an under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit.

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Communication Protocols

Communication Protocols

Communication protocols make the controller intelligent and can be accessed easily. Bacancy’s Motor controller comes with an in-built CAN interface to integrate with existing VCU or other external systems. In the CAN interface, the user can access all the data related to running parameters, Speed, Alarms, Errors, etc. from the motor controller.

Motor Controller Application

Motor Controller Application

  • 2W / 3W Electric Vehicle
  • Robotics
  • Golf carts and go-carts

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  • Sinusoidal PWM for smooth operation
  • Undervoltage, Overcurrent Protection
  • Speed control, Torque control and field weakening features to Achieve higher speed
  • Optimization & tuning of the FoC algorithms
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Motor Control Algorithm in EV

Motor Control Algorithm in EV

Field oriented control (FOC) is an efficient speed control mechanism for Brushless DC motors. It is similar to sinusoidal commutation but comes with some mathematical changes. Bacancy’s Motor controller design with FOC and Sinusoidal algorithm for best performance and efficiency. Algorithms implemented such that torque ripple will be less to get a smoother riding experience.

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