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Bacancy: Top Quality 30 kW Power Module Manufacturer in India

The Most Trusted Partner for Your EV and EVSE Needs!

Known for tapping into future-proof technology, Bacancy’s 30 kW EV DC charger module incorporates advanced technology to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and remain compatible with future innovations and standards.

Bacancy’s 30 kW power module for EV charger efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring reliable performance. We are charging the future with our innovation as we offer our 30 kW power module for EV chargers with a silent mode option. The module operates quietly, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments and nighttime charging sessions.

Bacancy is known for being at the forefront of innovation, and with our EV charger power module, we provide reliable, future-ready technology for your EVSE setup.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Techdata Sheet

Input voltage Nominal voltage 380VAC; working range 285-475VAC
Input power factor >0.99
Input overvoltage protection 495±5VAC
Input undervoltage protection 270±5VAC
Output rating 30kW
Output voltage range 150~1000VDC
Output current range 2~120A
Output constant power range Constant output power 30kW with output 250-1000VDC
Peak efficiency >96%
Soft start time 3~8S
Short circuit protection Self-rewinding protection
Stabilized voltage precision <±0.5
THD <5%
Stabilized current precision <±1%
Current-imbalance <±5%
Size 437.5mm*300mm*84mm
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Exploring the Robust Features of the 30 kW Power Module

Compact, Versatile, Future-Ready – Bacancy’s 30 kW Power Module for EV Charger

  • Versatile: The 30 kW EV charger module is versatile, supporting various energy and EV charger controllers, catering to diverse voltage needs and charging situations.
  • Space Efficient: Its compact design easily integrates into existing charging infrastructure, suitable for various installation environments.
  • User-friendly Operations: Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to adjust settings and monitor charging processes.
  • Quiet Performance: The option to operate on silent mode makes our EV charger power module perfect for noise-sensitive environments and nighttime charging sessions.
  • Enhanced Control: With precise control and monitoring capabilities over charging parameters, users can optimize charging efficiency and performance.

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