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What Makes Bacancy the Most-Prominent Choice to Hire Embedded Systems Engineer

Our embedded systems engineer are highly skilled in programming various microprocessors, boards, and chips. With Bacancy you can leverage embedded services in Firmware programming, Hardware & Cloud support, Third-party integration, compliance testing at convenient and affordable rates.

Hire Embedded Systems Engineer

When You Hire Dedicated Embedded Software Developer, You Get

  • Flexibility and feasibility in project upscaling
  • Assurance on project priorities and deliverables
  • 160 working hours/month with flexible hiring models
  • Simple & transparent pricing
  • Accelerated Development
  • Lesser deployment cost
  • Client satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Complete source code authentication
  • Enhanced Embedded Design features
  • Highly secured capabilities
  • Knowledge sharing and rapport building
  • Post-production support

Acquire the Top Dedicated Embedded Developer and Give Your Hardware an Embedded Life

Our embedded software engineers bring a diverse range of skillsets and expertise in serving all the shapes and sizes of businesses. Hire Embedded Software developer to reap the maximum embedded benefits


Requirement Gathering and Analysis

With our embedded developers teams, you can create and conceptualize the most viable circuitry essential for task execution as directed by the firmware. Our experts Embedded engineers are capable of building the best-class quality and efficient firmware.


Embedded Firmware Development

Employ our most viable and professional embedded firmware engineer having years of experience working on firmware architectures and subsystems at all levels. Firmware businesses can drive a single-purpose technology to create the most compatible solutions for the latest hardware and microprocessor technology.


Hardware Engineering

Bacancy’s dedicated embedded hardware engineer assists you in designing and programming the critical operating functions of chips and microprocessors so that your team can construct the hardware system needed for embedded firmware system execution.


Third-Party Embedded Integration

It is easy to leverage remote embedded programmer teams who assist you in integrating third-party technologies for your projects & existing systems. Hire dedicated Embedded Software developer to achieve your embedded system goals on pre-defined time and budget.


Embedded Software and Hardware Testing

Guarantee security for your business application and system. With our highly motivated and skilled embedded control engineer team, you will accomplish a whole design circuit loop by implementing quality control hardware and software tests for your product.


Product SDK Engineering and Maintenance

Our reliable and dedicated embedded software engineer teams take the accountability in developing SDKs for embedded system firmware and devices. We ensure that these SDKs are kept up-to-date and maintained to perform efficiently and at optimal performance.

Hire Embedded Software Developer as Per Your Need

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


Hourly (USD)

We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

Suitable for Maintenance Project


Monthly (USD)

4 to 6 Years of Exp. Embedded Developer 160 hours per month

Suitable for Long term Engagement

We provide you a scrum master at no additional cost to ensure seamless project delivery.

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Our Embedded & Firmware Expertise

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

Embedded Devices
  • Bare metal and embedded OS, e.g. Linux, Android, ARM Mbed OS, Free RTOS, OpenWrt, VxWork, UCOSII, QNX, OpenEmbedded, AWS FreeRTOS
  • Custom bootloaders & board support packages
  • Processor Families, like ST Micro STM32, Nordic nRF5x, Texas Instruments MSP430, Atmel AT-SAM, NXP i.MX, Microchip PIC
High Reliability
  • Demanding implementations in medical, and Automotive domain
  • Dispersed monitoring & control firmware for large-scale distributed systems
High Performance
  • Multi-threaded and multi-processor systems
  • Using hydrogenous co-processors to bifurcates real-time work
  • Real-time execution over multiple processors
  • Low-latency designs for video (including streaming with H.264) and other quick-response applications
System Integration
  • Bluetooth LE Profiles and Services
  • Using hydrogenous co-processors to bifurcates real-time work
  • Clock and Power Management
  • Operator interfaces (OI)
  • State Machines (FSM)
  • Resource Management of power, memory, peripherals, etc
  • Over the air & Over the wire firmware Update Service
  • Wear leveling
  • Non-volatile Assiduous Storage solutions
  • Standard or custom file system
  • Sensor Integration with elective feature derivation
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Embedded Languages
  • Expert in C, C++, Assembly, Java, Python
Embedded Languages
  • Network protocols like TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/RTU, DHCP, UDP, HTTP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP
  • Industrial 4.0 protocol like OPC UA/DA, Profinet, CANOpen, IEC61850, IEC 60870-5-101/104, LonTalk, Modbus TCP/RTU, J1939, DLMS
  • Wireless protocols, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless, SigFox, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, ZigBee, LoRaWAN
  • Communication buses like I2C, UART, PCIe, MODBUS, SPI, CAN, USB
  • Development Tools: GNU development tools, MATLAB/Simulink, Code Composer Studio, Keil uVision, MPLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, IAR Embedded Workbench, Atmel Studio, LabVIEW, BitBake, Code Warrior, buildroot, Java SDK.
  • Ciphers & hashing algorithms like AES, RSA, RSA, DSA, ECDSA, ECDSA, SHA-2, etc
  • Tamper evidence, tamper detection, and tamper response
  • Expertise in open source & commercial tools
  • Secure FOTA Update for Connected Devices
  • Secure Boot for Embedded Systems with different architectures such as ARM Cortex A, ARM Cortex M, RISC-V architectures, etc
Low Power
  • Battery-enabled such as wearable devices
  • Dynamic power scaling
  • Energy collection
Manufacturing Test
  • Designing the test process
  • Coding the software (test-fixture)
  • Cooperating test fixture with DUT (device-under-test)

Embedded Engineering Services

Bacancy is a leading-edge Embedded Development company that analyzes your requirements and provides Embedded Development services as per your needs. We offer end-to-end Firmware algorithm development services for custom hardware, testing, validation, debugging, and a wide range of solutions for various architectures and platforms.

Get in touch with our dedicated team of embedded software engineers for result-oriented Embedded Software Development services.

Firmware and Middleware Development

Firmware and Middleware Development

With highly qualified developers having multiple domain expertise, our embedded firmware developer holds the certification & expertise to design the architect from scratch. They are capable of providing effective optimal solutions as per requirement.

Unique Embedded System Development

Unique Embedded System Development

Bacancy’s embedded software developers specialize in providing end-to-end solutions at a low cost for Hardware & Software applications with flexible hardware and firmware. Our embedded experts have hands-on experience in PCB designing tools such as Altium, Eagle, etc., and working with various microcontrollers from TI, NXP, STM, ATMEL, Renesas, Infineon, ESP, etc.

Usability Engineering

Usability Engineering

Our expert graphic designers emphasize improving the final product's usability using emerging technologies like QT/QML framework. This ensures well-designed and engaging Android apps which aim at customer satisfaction.

Boot & Runtime Performance Optimization

Boot & Runtime Performance Optimization

Being highly proficient in writing effective and optimizing interactive apps, Bacancy’s embedded programmers are well-versed in writing safe and secured code for an application to run smoothly at an optimal performance level.

Integration, Testing & Branch workflow, You Get

Integration, Testing & Branch workflow

Our embedded software engineers at Bacancy have strong knowledge in firmware maintenance and good hands-on experience in various branching tools like GIT SVN. We have thorough knowledge in regressive product testing and familiarity with TeamCity, Gerrit, Jira, and other testing tools.

IoT Products

IoT Products

Having 15+ years of experience in diverse sectors of product engineering, our embedded hardware engineers have a strong command of the EV domain, IoT, and healthcare products. They are consistent in adopting the Agile methodology.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Bacancy’s embedded software developers follow a holistic process involving planning and evaluation of requirements for fast-paced development. The process also involves suggesting alternatives for cost-effective solutions in multifaceted embedded systems.

Partner with Best Embedded Software Development Company

We are your one-stop solution for embedded solutions and services.

We are your one-stop solution for embedded solutions and services.

  • Embedded Systems
  • Hardware Support
  • Cloud Support
  • Manufacturing Support
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • Mobile App Development
  • Quality Engineering
  • Product Testing

The Most Reliable Embedded Solutions & Remote Dedicated Software Engineer Provider

Are you planning to hire Embedded Developer? Get in touch with the leading embedded development company to boost your embedded systems projects. We provide highly skilled and dedicated developers who follow a collaborative approach in designing and developing the systems as per your requirement.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Bacancy’s embedded software developers follow a holistic process involving planning and evaluation of requirements for fast-paced development. The process also involves suggesting alternatives for cost-effective solutions in multifaceted embedded systems.

Industries We Work with

Industries We
Work with



Bacancy Systems is at the forefront in catering to the Healthcare sector by offering health diagnosis solutions through remote health monitoring framework devices and wearable technology. Using AI, Machine Learning, IoT embedded systems, and cloud technology, providing real-time information improves lives and reduces additional healthcare expenses and capital.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

We are catering to the industry with wastewater treatment solutions. Our IoT IO card is designed with 4G connectivity to control the Pump and Valve with Flow monitoring of wastewater over Modbus. Using this Smart IoT solution, Human interaction is reduced through this smart solution, and wastewater management is done in a very efficient and productive way, transferable to Government organizations that work to purify wastage chemical water.

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